High Precision, Low-Offset,Low-input bias current,Low noise,High Slew Rate

  • SOT23-5
  • SOIC-8
  • MSOP-8
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- Low offset voltage:±1 µV

- Low offset drift:±0.005 µV/°C

- Low-input bias current:50 pA

- Low noise:0.75 µV p-p (0.01Hz ~ 10Hz)

- Rail-to-rail input and output

- High gain,CMRR,PSRR:130 dB

- High slew rate:9 V/µs

- Gain bandwidth:17 MHz

- Quiescent current:720 µA per amplifier

- Single supply:2.7 V to 5.5 V

The GT856X,GT8561,GT8562 and GT8564,family of precision amplifiers offers state-of-the-art performance.With zero-drift technology,the GT856X offset voltage and offset drift provide unparalleled long-term stability.With a mere 720 µA of quiescent current,the GT856X are able to achieve a 17-MHz bandwidth.These small- size,high-precision operational amplifiers have high input impedance and rail-to-rail input and rail-to-rail output swing.The GT856X feature flat bias current over temperature.Therefore, no calibration is needed in high input impedance applications over temperature.All versions are specified over the temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.

- Temperature sensors

- Medical/industrial instrumentation

- Pressure sensors

- Battery-powered instrumentation

- Active filtering

- Weight scale sensor

- Strain gage amplifiers

- Power converter/inverter